Products & Services for Financial Institutions

CoreSoft – Core Processing

CoreSoft™ is a comprehensive core processing system built on advanced browser-based technologies. Its platform-independent and open-system design based on service- oriented architecture (SOA) gives you the highest level of flexibility, integration and value.

With CoreSoft, your institution benefits from enterprise-wide automation significantly reducing processing time, reinforcing financial management, and strengthening regulatory reporting.

Key Features:

  • Service Open Architecture
  • Database & Hardware Agnostic
  • Direct Access to Business Rules Engine
  • True Real-time & On-line Processing
  • Ability to Add, Modify and Delete Workflow’s
  • Scalable from a DeNovo to Multi Billion Financial Institution

Consumer Banking

Today your retail customers expect more, making creativity & flexibility critical requirements that legacy core systems cannot support. CoreSoft’s integrated suite of high-demand products and services let you exceed their expectations and while giving your full access to the business rules engine. You execute new and innovative products and services on your timeline, not ours. It also allows you to effectively take control of future technology costs by limiting the need for professional service engagements.


  • Deposit Products
  • Loan Products
  • Retirement & HSA Products
  • New Relationship Origination
  • Relationship Management
  • ACH
  • Overdraft’s & Sweeps
  • Interactive Dashboard Presentations
  • Teller Transactions
  • Package & Relationship Pricing
  • Consumer & Mobile Capture

Commercial Banking

CoreSoft provides a solution of high-demand commercial products and services that generate concrete opportunities for you to enhance your account holder’s experience, expand commercial relationships at all points of contact, and aggressively compete for business clients.


  • Account Analysis
  • Positive Pay & Account Reconciliation
  • Enabled to Customize Loan Product Structure
  • Asset Based Lending
  • Collections & REO
  • Collateral Tracking
  • Deposit Escrow
  • Construction Lending
  • SBA
  • Teller Transactions
  • Package & Relationship Pricing

Relationship Management

Fully understanding your current and potential account holder relationships requires enterprise-wide business intelligence that is accessible, accurate, actionable and timely. CoreSoft’s central customer information leverages the processes, technology, and expertise required to compile, report, and analyze information including customer, product, and market data in a way that makes sense to your business.


  • Single Relationship Profile – entire bank enterprise
  • Business Intelligence Engine
  • Proactive behavior Alerts
  • Householding
  • Customer Financial Profile Aggregation
  • Maintenance of External Relationships
  • Integrated Documents & Images
  • Email or SMS notification
  • Proactive Compliance Alerts

Back Office, Compliance & Risk Mitigation

CoreSoft provides a consolidated view of all your solutions, even third parties. This allows your institution to significantly improve productivity and manage a multi system process more effectively. Our Risk Mitigation Solution provides you the option to proactively manage and prepare to conduct business in the event of temporary business interruptions or catastrophic disasters.


  • General Ledger Processing
  • Wire Origination
  • ACH Processing
  • Mass Maintenance
  • Work Request Fulfillment Tracking
  • Proactive Activity Monitoring
  • Business Rules Customization
  • Customized Reports & Dashboards
  • Exception Processing
  • Workflow Customization

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