Products & Services for Financial Institutions

Image Processing

VSoft’s OnView complete suite of payment processing solutions provide institutions the ability to process all day one and day two payments through one single unified platform.

OnView remote deposit solutions address the capture, validation, processing, and transmission of check images from all points of presentment. The value proposition of VSoft’s remote deposit capture platform begins with the ability to facilitate the automation of deposits using Branch Deposit, Teller Deposit, ATM Deposit, Mobile Deposit, Home Office Deposit, and Business Deposit.

VSoft’s broad suite of solutions provides a full complement of products and targeted applications for back office processing and remittance payment automation. The OnView suite includes returns processing, signature verification and fraud detection applications, transaction research, document archiving and retrieval, as well as document delivery in a variety of media.

One key element of the OnView suite of solutions is the Digital Dashboard, a real-time, enterprise-wide monitoring tool that keeps knowledge and control in your hands even though capture is widely distributed. The Digital Dashboard includes drill-down technology, allowing both a broad view and quick access to underlying details through minimal clicks. The identification of offline sites, exception files, or deposits that have exceeded established thresholds is facilitated through the single view of the Dashboard. Access to Digital Dashboard is enabled through Roles and Permissions within our unified platform, so only authorized users will enjoy the power and information it provides.

Digital dashboard for VSoft Centrum™ centralized check processing application with image processing, exception management, and information delivery.