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Business Deposit

VSoft’s OnView Business Deposit extends the convenience and cost savings of electronic deposit capture and transmission to businesses that receive a regular volume of checks to be deposited. OnView Business Deposit allows commercial clients to deposit multiple checks at once using the device of their choice: check scanner, mobile phone, or tablet.

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VSoft’s Business Deposit solution takes the convenience of a mobile remote deposit capture (RDC) solution and applies it to the everyday needs of today’s businesses. With OnView Business Deposit, merchants can reduce preparation time, overhead, operational costs, and branch visits. Businesses can utilize this solution on the device that best fits their check volume and business needs.

OnView Business Deposit uses an innovative approach that utilizes a single platform for every capture source of a business deposit. Whether the commercial client is using a scanner, tablet, or mobile device, they will be set-up in the same place, using the same interface. This not only makes the process cost efficient and convenient, but it also allows financial institutions to deliver a unified set of risk management thresholds.

How It Works:

Business clients can capture checks on a check scanner or a mobile phone or tablet all in a single solution. As the items are captured, they are validated automatically against the business rules established by your financial institution. Built-in advanced CAR/LAR recognition technology reduces data entry and operator intervention by reading the amount, account number, and other information from the scanned documents.

To use OnView Business Deposit on a mobile phone or tablet, the business user logs in and be prompted to enter the value of the check and take pictures of both the front and the back of each individual check. Image guides help align the check, and once the image is captured, there is an option to add additional checks to the deposit. When all checks are captured, the user will then press the “deposit” button at the bottom of the screen.

To use OnView Business Deposit with a check scanner, the business user logs in and selects the location and account for the deposit. After all checks have been scanned, validated, and balanced, the captured check images and data are transmitted to the financial institution. There, they are posted to the business account according to the credit rules established by the institution.


  • Multi-check deposit
  • Easily visible deposit thresholds on mobile devices
  • Ability to add and remove checks during a deposit
  • Tailored to business needs
  • Check-by-check summary
  • Instant check validation and feedback
  • Deposit summary and history
  • Intuitive workflow and comprehensive feature set
  • Risk threshold profiles and duplicate detection
  • Multi-location functions
  • Role-based user management and self administration


  • Ensures lower “per transaction” time
  • Can lower cost of operations
  • Less foot traffic in-branch
  • Attracts a diverse range of customers
  • Expands the deposit options of account holders
  • Teller can focus time on other revenue driving activities

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OnView Business Deposit

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