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ATM Deposit

VSoft’s OnView ATM Deposit Solution collects and integrates images and data transmitted by image enabled ATMs for processing into our unified platform.


VSoft’s OnView ATM Deposit allows financial institutions to take advantage of check truncation and deposit automation at the ATM. OnView ATM Deposit collects the images and data transmitted by image enabled ATMs for further processing, which eliminates the hassle of deposit envelopes entirely.

Because VSoft has integrated ATM Capture with its extensive set of back-office applications, you receive the benefits of check truncation by seamlessly going from capture at the ATM to image exchange. Additionally, VSoft’s Digital Dashboard provides rich insight into your distributed capture networks.

How It Works:

OnView ATM Deposit is designed to receive images and data from industry leading ATMs. ATM Deposit connects to image-enabled ATMs in your distributed capture network to provide gateway functions for image-captured deposits. Our solution relies on comprehensive rules to control the receipt and processing of all image-captured items from your image enabled ATMs.

ATM Deposit integrates with back office applications to provide efficiencies that exist for all check capture channels. Features include: item correction, image exchange, duplicate detection, archival, and research.


  • Connects to ATM systems from multiple vendors.
  • Provides deposit review workflow featuring thresholds such as:
    • Number of checks in transaction
    • Item dollar amount
    • Transaction dollar amount
    • Verification of CAR amount
  • Links to the Digital Dashboard for rich insight into your distributed capture network.
  • Provides flexibility in defining end of day cutoff times by ATM or ATM grouping


  • Eliminates empty envelope fraud, reducing exceptions and adjustments.
  • Improves customer service.
  • Reduces paper handling for branch and central operations personnel.
  • Increases the opportunity for detecting fraudulent items.
  • Becomes an additional image capture point in your distributed capture network.
  • Provides a consistent back office and research process for all checks, regardless of capture entry point.
  • Reduces the frequency of trips to remote locations.
  • Reduces the manual effort required to process ATM deposit transactions.
  • Reduces courier and transportation costs.

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OnView ATM Deposit

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