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Branch Deposit

Beyond bringing image capture to the branch, VSoft’s OnView Branch Deposit automates the validation and balancing of check-based deposits and payments.

VSoft’s OnView Branch Deposit solution increases back-office productivity, expedites processing, and reduces the cost of processing. Branch Deposit captures large deposits behind the counter and is configured for batch processing, deferred proofing, and balancing, rather than individual balancing at point of capture like OnView Teller Deposit.

When you choose Branch Deposit, you get an application that is uniquely matched to the needs of your institution, whether you process real-time, proof of deposit, or a blend.

How It Works:

Branch Deposit captures, corrects, and performs preliminary validation on batch deposits. Documents are dropped by batches into a larger desktop scanner, where they are imaged and verified against the institution’s business rules. With built-in CAR/LAR recognition and automated image repair technology, operator intervention is significantly decreased.

The MICR data and images are transmitted throughout the day to central operations or remote locations for electronic proof of deposit balancing, which allows for even distribution of staffing hours. Deposit documents including checks, deposit slips, remittance slips, and cash tickets can be sent electronically to the branch for optimal efficiency and single pass processing.


  • Fully automated image and data workflows capture, correct, and balance transactions
  • Fully configurable options for branch personnel to balance at the point of capture or defer to central operations
  • Comprehensive validation features such as Routing-Transit validation
  • Image Quality Assurance
  • Compatible with wide range of scanners


  • Reduced workload
  • Reduced errors
  • Image workflow reduces manual proof and eliminates encoding
  • Extended deposit cut-off hours
  • Reduced back-office costs
  • Reduced transportation costs

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For more information on Branch Deposit or to schedule a demo, please call 866-99-VSOFT.