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Home Office Deposit

VSoft’s OnView Home Office Deposit solution extends the convenience and cost savings of electronic deposit capture and transmission to the home or small office user who may receive a low volume of checks on a daily basis.

Home Office

Home Office Deposit extends remote capture in a cost-effective way to small businesses and consumers. The ultimate solution in account management for the end user, Home Office provides the convenience of depositing checks from home or small offices anytime, day or night.

Home Office Deposit is a browser-based application that offers convenience of use. Users log on securely and remotely via the Web at a location convenient to them. A flatbed scanner does the work of capturing the images and data from the deposit documents. When you choose Home Office Deposit, you get an application that is uniquely matched to the needs of your depositors, no matter where they are located.

How It Works:

Account holders have the flexibility to deposit checks throughout the day by logging onto the financial institution’s website, scanning the checks and submitting them electronically for processing and posting. The easy-to-use application guides the user through the entire deposit process. As the items are captured, they are validated automatically against the validation rules put into place by your financial institution. Advanced image recognition technology reduces data entry and operator intervention by reading the amount, account number, and other information from the scanned documents. VSoft’s IRIS automated image repair and IQUA technology ensures against image quality return items. Duplicate item detection ensures individual items are deposited just once.


  • Fully automated image-and-data workflow to capture, validate, correct, balance, and send deposits
  • Lower cost channel for capturing and processing deposits
  • Custom threshold to monitor deposit activity and identify potential fraud


  • Penetrate new market segments
  • Lower per-transaction costs
  • Attract new business outside your geographic footprint
  • Appeal to tech-savvy users

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