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Mobile Deposit

VSoft’s Mobile Deposit solution extends the convenience and cost savings of remote deposit capture (RDC) and transmission right into the palms of your customers.


VSoft’s OnView Mobile Deposit architecture can be deployed either in-house at the bank or hosted out of our data center. When deployed in an in-house model, the institution can take advantage of the Mitek engine without the capital investment by using VSoft’s data center cloud environment. VSoft has successfully deployed Single Sign On (SSO) solutions with numerous mobile banking platforms as well as a stand-alone solution.

With the easy-to-use mobile application, users log on securely and remotely wherever they are. While the built-in camera in the mobile device does the work of capturing the image of the check, cues on the screen guide the user in taking a proper picture.

How It Works:

The user will login and enter the value of the check. The user is then prompted to a picture of the front of the check. An on-screen template will assist in the alignment of the check. The user can then discard or accept the image and repeat these steps to capture the back of the check.

After both images are captured, they are verified by image quality tools and duplicate detection is performed as well as high dollar limit thresholding. If the image passes inspection, a deposit confirmation number is displayed within the application. As a layer of risk mitigation, thresholds are applied to determine if the deposit should be subject to individual review.


  • Enables item deposit anytime from anywhere with ease
  • Removes the requirement to use a workstation and
  • Extends same day deposit hours
  • Can accelerate funds availability
  • Makes check images accessible anytime, anywhere
    through electronic image archive

Benefits to Your Account Holder

  • Simple, deposit workflow
  • Cues to guide user experience
  • Ability to deposit anytime, and anywhere
  • Less time spent at and traveling to branch locations
  • Reduces deposit preparation time and ensures accuracy

Benefits to the Branch

  • Ensures a lower per transaction costs
  • Capitalize on widely used devices
  • Attracts a new generation of consumers
  • Leverages your image technology investment
  • Expands deposit options available to account holders
  • Consistent marketing strategy with certain account types (e.g., checkless checking)
  • Available in-house or outsourced via VSoft’s wholly owned data center
  • Custom threshold review schedules used to monitor deposit activity and potentially prevent fraud
  • Common item tracking, approvals, image handling for quality assessment, and amount recognition
  • Simplified review and adjustments process
  • Comprehensive validation features using rules established by the financial institution
  • Real time duplicate detection across multiple channels at the point of capture
  • Integrated with numerous Mobile Banking Providers

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OnView Mobile Deposit

For more information on Mobile Deposit or to schedule a demo, please call 866-99-VSOFT.