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Teller Deposit

VSoft’s OnView Teller Deposit allows financial institutions to process checks quickly while increasing efficiencies and reducing risk.

VSoft’s OnView Teller Deposit solution provides exceptional service at one of your first and most important points of contact with your account holders: the teller window. Deposit processing automation captures deposit images, recognizes amounts and MICR lines, and balances transactions at the teller line, all before your depositor leaves the branch. Automation improves the speed with which most transactions are handled and processed. Teller Deposit improves efficiency of deposits being processed and also eliminates mathematical and paperwork errors that delay posting and crediting to accounts.

Flexible business rules allow you to tailor every aspect of your deposit and payment processing – from the number of teller seats, to the types of transaction documents you capture, to the document fields you validate. Teller Deposit provides financial institutions the opportunity to nurture relationships with account holders through stellar personal service. Teller Deposit can facilitate up-to-date account balances, allowing tellers to suggest complementary products and services that might appeal to the unique needs of your account holders.

How It Works:

Teller Deposit does all the work of capturing, correcting, validating, and balancing your teller line check transactions. Tellers drop checks into a small desktop scanner, where they are imaged and verified against the institution’s business rules. If the system finds additional input is needed to correct an amount or bring the transaction into balance, on-screen prompts make it easy to do with a keystroke or the press of a button. Meanwhile, your teller is free to converse with the depositor. With built-in CAR/LAR recognition and automated image repair technology, operator intervention is significantly decreased. When the transaction is complete, the teller is notified that the transaction is in balance, which greatly simplifies end-of-day balancing.


  • Fully automated image and data workflows
  • Fully configurable options to balance at the point of capture or defer to central operations
  • Provides comprehensive validation features, including account validation and Routing-Transit validation
  • Image Quality Management
  • Compatible with a wide range of scanners


  • Reduces errors and teller workload
  • Automated recognition technologies facilitate balancing and improve quality
  • Reduces staffing times and courier trips
  • Reduce fraud with image filters
  • Simplifies end-of-day settlements

Download the Brochure:

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