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Do You Have an Integrated-Channel Banking Strategy?

Integrated Channel -Banking should be consistent across platforms

You may be asking yourself what is an integrated-channel banking strategy and how do I achieve it? A true integrated-channel solution provides banking services to business and personal account holders via their preferred channel and device delivering the same experience.

Consumers are on different devices throughout the day, with the expectation that they will have the same experience across those devices. These consumer expectations correspond with technological advances in all industries. As non-banking innovative applications continue to shape the expectations of consumers, financial institutions must re-evaluate their digital banking strategies.

An integrated-channel banking experience should not just stop at the device, but rather extend to the branch. The experience account holders have on a digital device should also be consistent to their experience at the branch. Inconsistencies at any point can lead to a poor experience, leaving account holders frustrated. Ensuring interoperability between channels is how financial institutions can achieve a true integrated-channel strategy.

VSoft’s digital banking platform, is a single platform for both consumers and businesses. Account holders can bank using the device of their choice: mobile, tablet, or computer. VSoft’s application is uniquely positioned to offer a consistent and frictionless user experience that packages online banking, mobile banking, and mobile deposit into a single code-based solution. When you choose VSoft’s digital banking solution, you benefit from services that extend beyond the device themselves and into the branch for a consistent user experience.

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