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Case Study – Security Service FCU Implements New Mobile RDC

Security Service Federal Credit Union located in San Antonio, Texas, has over 900,000 members and $8 Billion in assets making Security Service the largest credit union in Texas and the 8th largest in the United States. Security Service focuses on member service ensuring member satisfaction is a top priority. Security Service expanded their self service channel by offering mobile deposit capture. Since the introduction of the ATM, rapid advances in self-service banking have played crucial roles in the growth of financial institutions. Now, more than ever, today’s consumer does not find it necessary to walk into branch locations to make deposits, transfer funds, or check balances. Mobile banking is currently at the forefront of the self-service banking revolution.

To read more how VSoft’s mobile RDC product benefited both the credit union and their members,click the article below.Security Service FCU Case Study

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