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Create the “Ultimate Team” of Payment Processing Solutions

Tailgate parties, the sounds of shoulder pads clashing and the magic of watching a quarterback and wide receiver tandem click is reaching its zenith for the year. Montana and Rice, Manning and Harrison, Roethlisberger and Brown–when two athletes work together it’s special. But in football, a quarterback must work well with more than their favorite target. Injuries or double-coverage can halt needed offensive production if the field general does not play well with others.

The same is true with great software. Systems that only work well within a suite or in conjunction with other specific products from the same vendor limit a financial institution’s options for utilizing the best product for each task. Certainly, products written with the intention of interfacing with another product may work better, but options are never a bad thing.

VSoft builds products that can be combined to create powerful suites and meet all payment processing needs. From remote deposit capture to automated return item processing, the OnView suite of products provide user-friendly solutions that utilize the most current technology. Equally important, VSoft products are written with open technology in mind. Interfacing with products from other vendors is a goal in every design and implementation. Exciting things are happening with new products and upgrades to existing products that will make being “system agnostic” a reality in payments. Start a conversation with us today to see how VSoft can be your partner in positioning you for the future of Payments.


Contributed by Charlie Brinza,

Senior Solutions Engineer, VSoft Corporación

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