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boxer-image-for-website-pageWith thousands of new businesses emerging each year, are you providing your business clients the resources they need to succeed? In VSoft’s whitepaper we discuss the challenges financial institutions face servicing their business clients as well as the challenges facing small business owners today.

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VSoft Corporation offers a complete suite of core, payment processing and digital banking solutions for both consumer and commercial account holders. Debido VSoft construye y mantiene todas sus propias soluciones, integration across products is a natural extension of our product suite and provides scale and consistency to your strategic growth plan.

IRIS Digital Banking | Allow consumer and commercial account holders to address their banking needs anywhere, anytime, and with any device. IRIS is device agnostic and features a responsive design, all while eliminating the need for separate products such as internet banking, tablet banking and mobile banking. With IRIS, financial institutions can offer their commercial account holders a complete suite of transactional services including personal financial management, bill pay, P2P, transfers, capability to view check images, ordering checks and more.

OnView negocios fuerte | Allow users to deposit multiple checks at once using a check scanner, mobile device, or tablet while maintaining a consistent user experience with one back-end platform. Con OnView negocios fuerte, both commercial clients and financial institutions benefit from the ease of use and convenience.

OnView CD-ROM Delivery | Deliver images or paid items, past deposits and statements to business clients for each accounting period. OnView CD-ROM Delivery is an efficient, cost-effective, electronic replacement for check storage and paper statements helps simplify operations for business clients, while providing the information they need for proof of payment, research and account reconcilement right at their fingertips.

CoreSoft Lending Platform | Provide an enhanced experience to account holders’ experience, expand commercial relationships at all points of contact and aggressively compete for business clients. CoreSoft’s Lending Platform is flexible, easy to use system that supports any loan, regardless of loan type or structure. The user-friendly application allows financial institutions to efficiently manage and service loans, while also providing the ability to quickly bring new loan products to market.

VSoft Business Banking in the News

Septiembre 2016 | Haven Savings Bank Selects VSoft’s OnView Product Suite for Branch and Business Remote Deposit Capture
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Marzo 2016 | CenterState Bank Selects VSoft’s OnView Business Deposit
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Enero 2016 | 9 out of 10 Americans Expect Digital Banking Services, According to New Survey from VSoft Corporation Download the RDP

Octubre 2015 | Corporate America Credit Union to Offer VSoft’s IRIS Digital Banking Platform to more Than 500 Credit Union Members
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