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RDC Platform Expansion: How a Unified Platform Drives Efficiencies

Join us for a webinar on December 17th at 2:00pm to learn how solution integration, risk mitigation and system interoperability create a simple and effective RDC platform. As your customers’ demand for RDC products and technology adoption rates increase, it is crucial to provide them with more self-service options. Understand how the SMAC approach delivers and effective and agile experience to the next generation of consumers, review “must-have” risk mitigation tactics and applications, and evaluate architectural design elements, like platform independency.

Learn how to remain competitive, cut costs and gain market share using leading edge RDC products. VSoft Corporation offers a complete suite of leading-edge RDC solutions, which are delivered on this single, unified platform. This includes Mobile, Merchant, Home Office (Consumer), ATM, Teller, and Branch Capture solutions.

Space is limited, so sign up today.

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