Products & Services for Financial Institutions

Products & Services for Financial Institutions

VSoft offers core, payment processing, and omni-channel solutions that improve service, reduce cost and maximize efficiency for financial institutions worldwide.

All of VSoft’s solutions are delivered on a single, unified platform, Vantage. Vantage is designed to consolidate fragmented channels to give your financial institution full administrative control over payment processing, core banking, and digital banking solutions. Simplify your operations with browser-based access to all VSoft solutions for a 360-degree view of operations.

Streamlining all channels and back-end systems on one consistent platform provides a seamless experience for your staff, who can receive a wide view and in-depth control over administration. A consolidated platform also provides granular insight for an enterprise-wide view of all account holders and transactions, which enables staff to resolve account holder inquiries quickly and analyze the user experience across devices and  banking services.

Our innovative solutions provide seamless, real-time, high-volume and high-performance transactions across multiple channels and can be delivered in–house, or SaaS model, or as an outsourced ASP through our data center to best meet your needs. Because VSoft builds and maintains all of its own solutions, integration across products is a natural extension of our product solution and provides scale and consistency to your strategic growth plan.

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