Products & Services for Financial Institutions

Image Processing

VSoft’s OnView complete suite of payment processing solutions provide institutions the ability to process all day one and day two payments through one single unified platform.

VSoft’s broad suite of solutions provides a full complement of products and targeted applications for back office processing and remittance payment automation. The OnView suite includes returns processing, signature verification and fraud detection applications, transaction research, document archiving and retrieval, as well as document delivery in a variety of media.

Payments Manager | VSoft’s OnView Payments Manager simplifies these intricate systems by consolidating all capture points onto a single unified platform for back office processing including: image exchange, web data perfection, and fraud risk reduction.

Research & Archive  | OnView Research & Archive consolidates payment data inclusive of check and ACH information into a single archive for a 360-degree view of account holder activities.

Returns Processing | VSoft’s OnView Returns In and Out solutions are flexible, image-enabled applications for processing outgoing and incoming return items.

Statements & Delivery | OnView Statements and CD Distribution provides another opportunity to promote your brand to your customer.