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Data Perfection

VSoft’s OnView suite of item processing solutions includes web-based modules designed to maximize efficiency and accuracy around data and images. Within Data Perfection, three feature-rich functions are included:

Amount Entry – two-up keying to improve operator throughput; features include image manipulation and available snippet keying to focus on key areas of the image

Reject Repair – operators are given focus to the fields needing attention, with on-screen or audible reject reasons provided

Balancing – transaction and batch balancing is facilitated through tools such as moving items, inserting virtual adjustments, or requesting item rescanning to improve image quality


  • Specialization of function by operator, if desired
  • Randomization of entries is available
  • Available across capture types


  • High-speed data correction and completion
  • Online access by authorized users, regardless of location of capture, to smooth staffing needs
  • Reduce downstream rejects and the cost and research associated with adjustments