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Payments Manager

VSoft’s OnView Payments Manager simplifies these intricate systems by consolidating all capture points onto a single unified platform for back office processing including: image exchange, web data perfection, and fraud risk reduction.

OnView Payments Manager streamlines operations by performing amount entry, reject repair, and balancing in a single solution, while data perfection provides high-speed data correction and completion to reduce downstream rejects as well as the cost of researching adjustments.

OnView Payments Manager further secures all channels with risk mitigation measures such as enterprise duplicate detection, a risk review queue, and integration to leading third-party fraud prevention products, including AFS real-time fraud detection. Synchronizing all payment capture points on a single unified platform facilitates effective safeguarding and monitoring of account holder data.

Once the item is perfected and verified, OnView Payments Manager allows you to manage the full process of exchanging electronic cash letters (ECLs) with images directly or through exchange organizations. OnView Payments Manager’s cash letter control greatly simplifies the tracking, monitoring, and reporting of incoming and outgoing files for your staff members to streamline operations.

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