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Teller Deposit

OnView Teller Deposit allows you to streamline processing, so you can focus on providing superior customer service to your account holders.

Provide your account holders with exceptional service at one of your first points of contact: the teller window. With OnView Teller Deposit’s automated processes, your financial institution will benefit from operational efficiencies including reduced manual errors and image quality returns. Ultimately, this leads to improved satisfaction and loyalty.

OnView Teller Deposit allows tellers to concentrate on engaging with account holders, rather than depositing checks by hand. Deposit processing automation captures deposit images, recognizes amounts and MICR lines, and balances transactions at the teller line, all before your account holder leaves the branch. By implementing automation at the teller line, speed and effectiveness are increased, creating an enhanced experience for account holders with shorter teller lines and more immediate access to their funds.

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