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Security & Ease of Access at a Tap of a Finger

Keeping track of passwords require a herculean mental effort. With so many differing qualifications for passwords, knowing which password has a number, an uppercase character, or a combination of hieroglyphics can become a burden to end users who want instant access.

End users desire two things when accessing applications: a frictionless experience and security. These two requirements present a problem to financial institutions who are charged with protecting sensitive account data. How can financial institutions create a frictionless experience without compromising security, and vice versa?

Arya digital banking addresses these concerns with Fingerprint Authentication for mobile devices. Fingerprint Authentication is a process of confirming the identity of a user though their unique fingerprint. When users open an account online or at the branch, they establish their password and scan their fingerprint. Account holders can then choose to log-in manually with Arya’s multi-factor authentication or through fingerprint authentication. Arya digital banking allows users to view their account securely with a simple tap of their finger.

Arya digital banking provides users with a frictionless and secure log-in experience so your financial institution doesn’t have to balance conflicting demands. Request a demo today to learn more about how Arya digital banking can help your financial institution improve the user experience.

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