Products & Services for Financial Institutions


Vantage, VSoft’s unified platform, provides financial institutions the insight to their payments offerings.

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As banking becomes more self-service and as the millennial generation becomes both customer and employee, success for the financial services industry depends upon its ability to adapt. VSoft’s new platform, VANTAGE features a three-pronged strategy of a productivity portal, a multi-environment products suite, and an on-the-go administrative console to help financial institutions tackle existing and emerging challenges.

By accessing a browser, users can benefit from numerous feature functionalities that Vantage has to offer. The functionalities include the following:

  • Usage of Universal API’s to drive a wide variety of scanners resulting in faster time to market for new device certification.
  • Browser Plug-in to interact with scanner APIs eliminating the need for client-side applications.
  • OnView Cloud Services -encompassing a set of common payment processing functions for centralized administration across payment channels.
  • Internationalization for compliance with cross-border regulations and user preferences.
  • Cross Platform and Cross Database Support for flexible and cost-effective deployment options.
  • Multi-browser Support using HTML 5 Technology to support varied user preferences.
  • Responsive Design of user interfaces for a modern user experience.