Products & Services for Financial Institutions

Arya, VSoft’s digital banking platform streamlines mobile banking, online banking, and mobile deposit, in a single, comprehensive solution. Arya allows consumer and business account holders to manage their accounts anytime and anywhere on their preferred device. The application was meticulously designed with HTML 5 and Angular JS to adapt the interface to today’s varying devices, ensuring a positive user experience at the convenience customers expect.

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Key Features

  • Responsive design adapts to devices and operating systems of smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Applications and branding elements can be implemented across all devices without costly deployments or interruption to the user experience.
  • Consolidated platforms reduce costs and provides a 360-degree view of consumer and business account holders.
  • Native to the system, remote deposit capture allows consumer and business users to deposit checks on-the-go.
  • Consumer account holders receive a comprehensive suite of transaction services, including bill pay, P2P transfer funds, budgets, and more.
  • Business account holders receive tailored cash management services including bill pay, positive pay, ACH transfer, wire transfer, and more.
  • Fully translated interface expands your market base to a broader demographic.